Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tongkat Ali seddlings For sale

Tongkat Ali seedlings for sale rm10/ seedlings...

If you plan to have a nice landscape in your house compound area, try planting tongkat ali. This trees is very nice to Its grow straight and the leaves also very seldom drop off...I already plant in front of my house in Taman Ria you all know the soil condition for taman perumahan is unfertilized..but this Tongkat Ali still manage to grow well..

If you interested to plant tongkat ali as a landscape feature..just call me..I can arrange my man to plant itu for you..

Cost of planting:::

Seedling Rm10 each
Plant at less 5 trees..cost you rm50..
Maintenance is very low for this tree

after 5 have an option to pull out the roots or just left it behind..if you pull out the price now is rm30/kg..a 5 years old tree can produce up to 5kg of roots..and you get RM150... for 5 tress you get RM750...your cost only rm50!!!!