Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to plant tongkat ali

Tongkat ali can be plant on any soil condition, but I prefer to plant in a sandy soil type. Latest price for a fully harden tongkat ali seedlings available at rm10/ trees. The above picture were taken from my nursery. During transport, good care of the seedling must be done. This seedling is very sensitive to vibration. Normal planting practices applied during the planting stage. You either can put fertilizer to the soil or just plant it directly. But tongkat ali seedling don't need to be fertilize very often..for me I just don't do any fertilizing regime.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tongkat Ali @ Eurycoma


I am one of the tongkat ali planters in Malaysia. I would like to share my experience regarding this plant species. I already plat this tongkat ali also know an eurycoma longifolia for 10 years. At first, my objectives was to make it as a hobby..but now I already plant almost 100 trees of tongkat ali.

The left picture was taken from my plantation in Bongawan Sabah. The age of this tongkat ali was 3 years old. According to literature, at this age you already can harvest the roots for medicinal purposes. But for me, I am willing to wait 2 year more. The current market price of this roots was said to be around rm50/kg green basis. As this tongkat ali was not a commodity the price differs from place to places.

More information regarding tongkat ali have been publish in the web, all of this information also suggest to me...There is a huge potentials in this plants.

New picture of my tongkat ali orchard